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Welcome to “Good Times With Bad Movies”! A podcast where two friends watch movies they think might suck and laugh at everything in between. Got a movie you think we should watch? Email us at

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Tim & Paul are storm chasing! The guys are back for Season 3 and watched the 1996 classic "Twister"! They sat down to talk about it and along the way they discussed sentient storms, flying cows and the suck zone!Subscribe for more content!email: goodtimesbadmovies@gmail.comThe following music was used for this media project:Music: Adventures In Adventureland by Kevin MacLeodFree download: (CC BY 4.0): the showInstagramYoutubeWE HAVE MERCH!Support The Show!WebsiteMore Ways to Listen
  1. Twister
  2. Season 3 Update
  3. Year in Review 2022
  4. Batman Returns
  5. Holiday in Handcuffs